Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School

Children’s Church is held during worship following the Children’s Focus for children ages 2-10 and youth ages 11+.  Currently, elementary aged children are using the “Deep Blue” curriculum from Cokesbury, and the youth (11+) are using the “Submerge” curriculum.  Teachers rotate regularly.

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School meets at 9:30 AM in the Connections Room on the first floor.

Our Fall study follows the theme “God’s World and God’s People” and will focus on God as the Creator, Sustainer, Judge, and Redeemer who brought all things into being. Our lessons survey God’s creation of the universe, earth, and people.

  1. God Created the World
    The first three lessons in this unit concentrate on God’s creating the universe, earth, and people and then declaring all things created good. Although God created and sustains all life, humankind is special to God and unique. Lesson Four explores how God established the institution of marriage and the process of reproduction in order to populate the earth. Lesson Five explains how humankind chose to do wrong and thus introduced sin into God’s perfectly created world.
  2. God Destroys and Re-Creates
    The first two lessons in this unit present Noah and his family as righteous followers of God who help repopulate and restore the earth after the destruction caused by the great Flood. The last two lessons feature the biblical couples Abraham and Sarah and Isaac and Rebekah, who worked with God in the cycle of continuing creation.
  3. God Blesses and Re-Creates Regardless
    In the last unit, the first lesson explores how God blessed humble Isaac in enemy territory. The next three lessons consider how Jacob deceitfully obtained the blessing God had already destined for him, later established a right relationship with God, and finally was blessed by God to marry and produce children with the wife he loved and for whom he long labored.


Our Adult Sunday School Class

Our Adult Sunday School Class