About Worship


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Everyone is welcome at Central United Methodist Church, especially first-time guests.  Here is some information you might like to know about us:

What time is the worship service?
Sundays begin with Adult Sunday School at 9:30 am followed by a time of Agape Fellowship at 10:30 am. Nursery care is provided for children up to 3 years of age.

The worship service begins at 11:00 am and usually lasts until near noon.

What is Central’s worship style?
Central has always had a traditional worship style. Everyone is welcome to participate in communion, which is held the first Sunday of each month during worship.

What you will find?
Central is a diverse congregation with open hearts for all of God’s people. Dress code? No such thing! Come as you are and join with Centralites to love God and your neighbor!

What do kids do during the service?


Central provides a nursery for babies.  It is located next to the Gathering Room, just outside the Sanctuary.  Toddlers and older children are invited to begin worship with their parents in the Sanctuary.  Following the Children’s Focus, children are then invited to attend Children’s Church.  We welcome the participation of the youngest members of the family of faith!


How do I get to Central and what about parking?


Central viewed from the main parking lot

Central is at 14 N. Lewis Street, Staunton, at the corner of Lewis and Beverley Streets.

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Here’s a map of the downtown Staunton section (click on it to enlarge):