Wedding Policy

Wedding Policy rev 2018

Wedding Policy – Central UMC, Staunton

Marriage ceremonies conducted in Central Church are services of Christian worship. Christian marriage is a sacred covenant blessed by God in Jesus Christ.

Central Church can seat 250 persons in the sanctuary and another 70 in the balcony. Fellowship Hall seats 140.

The pastor of the church shall conduct all weddings performed in the church but, on occasion, invite another pastor to perform the service. All weddings must be consulted with the pastor.

The pastor will conduct at least three counseling sessions with couples prior to the wedding. The pastor is in charge of the service and will try to meet the couple’s expectations for their wedding. Alternative vows are subject to the approval of the pastor. Wedding directors or consultants, if used, must defer to the pastor.

Fees and Marriage License
All fees and the marriage license should be provided to the pastor at the third counseling session. The wedding will not be performed unless the pastor has physical possession of the license before the rehearsal.

There will be no alcoholic beverages permitted on the grounds and none served at receptions held on church property. Any member of the wedding party considered by the pastor to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.

Church furnishings may not be moved without the pastor’s specific approval.

Music arrangements may be made with the Church Music Director. You can email her at Please contact her at least 2 months prior to the wedding. All alternative music arrangements must be discussed with and approved by the pastor.

Florists are asked to respect the church’s furniture and not tack or adhere floral arrangements in such a manner as to damage the church’s furniture.

Photography and Videotaping
Photography or videotaping of the service is permitted if arranged with the pastor prior to the service.

If candelabra are used, plastic shall be placed on the floor and dripless candles must be used. Unity candles or candles other than the ones on the communion table are the responsibility of the participants.

Bulletins which provide an order of worship and details concerning the service will be prepared by the pastor with consultation with the participants. The purchase of bulletin covers with specific designs is the responsibility of the participants. There is small fee involved.

Members of Central Church will be given priority use of the church.

All couples are asked to schedule the wedding date at least three months in advance in order to avoid scheduling conflicts and allow time for counseling.

Church fees payable are as follows: one half at the first counseling session and one half at the last counseling session.

Cleaning fee covers vacuuming, cleaning of restrooms, mopping floors, changing rooms and removing excess trash after the rehearsal and after the wedding.


  • Security Deposit: $300 (Send in before the first Premarital Counseling)
  • Sanctuary: $300
  • Fellowship Hall: $300
  • Cleaning: $150
  • Organist: $150
  • Bulletin: $25 up to 100 (color)
  • Pastor: $300

Members: Active members are those whose names are on the church roll and who attend worship at least 10 times a year.

  • Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall: None
  • Cleaning: $150
  • Organist: $150