Central United Methodist Church

Lewis Street at Beverley
Staunton VA
Founded in 1797

Mission Work at Poquoson VA

October 2003

Hurricane Isabel damaged 75,000 homes on the eastern shore of Virginia. Central UMC responded to the call by sending a mission team to Poquoson VA. The pictures below are from Central's Disaster Relief Team which worked from October 25-27.


Benham Black and Jim Printy fish from creek boards, oil cans, and other channel clogging materials deposited by the flood.

Vince Ennis and Jack True take a break from the hard work.

Cheryl Kent puts debris on trash pile for City collection.

Susan Black stacks logs on City debris collection.

Metal items no longer usable put out for debris collection.

Barbara Powers, homeowner, handled wheelbarrow while Susan Black supervises.

Susan, Jack , and Barbara finish the clean up after removal of fallen tree.

Cheryl, Jack, and Barbara adding to the trash pile.

Usable logs cut up in removal of tree.

Susan and Robert Austin (homeowner) admire logs cut.

Picture of Disaster Relief Team with Barbara Powers with debris pile in background. Those shown are Vince Ennis, Jack True, Barbara Powers, Cheryl Kent, Jim Printy, Benham Black. Picture taken by Susan Black.

Robert Austin, Vince, Cheryl and Jim

Group picture with Rose and Robert Austin, hownowners. Back row: Vince Ennis, Jack True, Benham Black. Front Row: Rose Austin, Robert Austin, Cheryl Kent, Jim Printy Photographer: Susan Black

Vince and Jim working on fallen tree in the backyard of the Ausin residence.

Rose and Robert Austin join the group for worship service on Sunday morning. Pamphlets for worship prepared by Suzanne Peeler.

Vince and Jim work on removing residue of linoleum from the floor at the Austin residence.

Linoleum before clean up effort begun.

Kitchen floor at Ausin residence before removal of top floor.

Work team at table at Poquoson Seafood following satisfying meal. Benham Black, Susan Black, Vince Ennis, Cheryl Kent, Jim Printy, Jack True

Debris brought to street to pick up at the home of Elizabeth Parker.

Disaster Relief Team with homeowner Elizabeth Parker.

Cheryl hauling debris from Elizabeth Parker's back yard.

Benham cuts debris into acceptable lengths for pick up by the city.

Jack and Jim cut debris from the Parker back yard.

Elizabeth Parker before the debris from her back yard cleaned up.

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