Mission Work at Gloucester Point VA

November 2003

Hurricane Isabel damaged 75,000 homes on the eastern shore of Virginia. Central UMC responded to the call by sending a mission team to Gloucester Point on November 14-16.

This is the home the team worked on. It belonged to the Hicks family.

Benham Black and Bill Bushman get ready to go to work.

Vince Ennis and Mel Fountaine work on installing sheet rock.

Eric Stumb and Susan Black also working on sheet rock installation.

Lewis Moore screws the sheet rock to the wall.

Not to be outdone by his Dad, Alex Moore shows him how its done.

Foreman Ed Smith and Mel survey the repairs this room needs. Below is a picture of this room once the team finished in it.

New floor and new sheet rock.

Cheryl Kent, Jim Printy, and Vicki Printy take a break.

Phil Bridgmon and Emily Stumb pack the insulation in.

Lunch time!

Vince Ennis at work.

Jim Creger back at Bethany UM Church where the team stayed and ate.

Supper at Bethany Church after a long day of work.

Bill, Jim, Eddie, and Mel enjoying a laugh after dinner.

The whole group including the Hicks family, dogs and goat!


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