Central United Methodist Church

Lewis Street at Beverley
Staunton VA
Founded in 1797

Gleaning for Apples for the Society of St. Andrew

Fall 2003

Central participated in a gleaning project in cooperation with the Society of St. Andrew in October, 2003. A team of volunteers went to Seaman's Orchard in Tyro, Virginia, to gather apples left by the pickers. Most of these apples were on the ground but all were in good condition. The apples were gathered in buckets then transferred to sacks. The sacks were then taken by the Food Bank in Verona. Below are some pictures from this experience:

The apples were red and golden delicious apples as shown here.

Bob Hanson, Mel Fountaine, Ed Smith, and Jim Printy prepare to hit the orchards.


Susan Black is bundled up for the chilly fall weather.

Seaman Orchard is just on the east side of the Blue Ridge Mountains

The apples await the gleaners.

Into the bucket they go.

Then into bags they go.

Vicki Printy and Susan Black bag the apples..

Of course there's time for lunch thanks to the UMW.


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