Central United Methodist Church

Lewis Street at Beverley
Staunton VA
Founded in 1797

Mission Work at Bishop VA/WV

Winter 2001-2002

In July, 2001, a flash flood damaged many homes in southwest Virginia and southern West Virginia. Hard hit was the town of Bishop which straddles the Virginia/West Virginia line. A mission team from Central, spearheaded by Ed Smith and Jim Reid, made several trips to Bishop to repair the damage. Below are some pictures from two of the trips.

One of the flood damaged homes in Bishop.

 Benham Black working on drywall.

Mel Fountaine sanding kitchen cabinets before painting.

Susan Black and Ed Smith working on a counter top.

Jack True, Mel Fountaine, and Eddie Smith applying paint.

Joe Hill working on a mantle while Jim Reid catches a cup of coffee.

Beverly and Sam Richardson painting kitchen cabinets.

Susan Black ready to put the counter top in place.

Alexander Memorial United Methodist Church in Bishop. This church hosted lunch for the mission trip each day. The Bishop relief coordinator, Kenny Fields, Jr., is the son of the minister at Alexander Memorial UMC, Rev. Kenny Fields, Sr.

Alma Creger sweeping the mess before the flooring goes down.

An Alien? No, just Benham Black with his mask on.

Ed Smith gets some advice from Mel Fountaine and Dan Pemberton

Lots of work needed here!

All of the houses on this street were flooded.

The water was almost up to the second story level.

Jim and Alma Creger and Benham Black take a break.

Jim Reid is assisted by Jim Hill in cutting the flooring.

Mary Harlan and Mel Fountaine discussing the next job.


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