Central United Methodist Church
Lewis Street at Beverley
Staunton VA
Founded in 1797

Mission Work at Verona VA

Fall 2005

The Central United Methodist Work team led by Ed Smith has been very busy helping a blind man with much needed repairs to his house.  Some of the team has been able to work during the week and others have been helping on the weekend.  The following is a list of projects that our work team has been involved with at the house.  

In the kitchen the team:

In the living room and hallway the team:

In the basement the team:

In the bathroom the team:


Members of Central's work team on this project:

Susan Black
Benham Black
Vince Ennis
Cheryl Kent
*Jim Linane
Lewis Moore
Whitney Moore
*Bob Rader
*Jim Reid
Beverly Richardson
Sam Richardson
*Ed Smith
*Tommy Spotts
Jack True
*The starred names spent many hours at the house.

The work has been done for a blind man in real need. He has been most appreciative of all the work that has been done. 

Central's work team cannot take credit for all the work that has been done to the house.  Other teams from the area have helped.  Verona United Methodist worked on the roof.  Christ United Methodist worked on the gable ends of the house and will be putting up gutters.  The Westwood Hills Baptist Church Youth Group painted the living room and the eaves.  

Here are pictures of the team at work:


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